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Tuesday 12th Jan


Today we will be looking at multiplying 3-digit numbers. Following from previous lessons, we will be looking at various methods of multiplying and how this can be shown practically using different resources. I have uploaded an example underneath to help you and we will be going through the in focus and let's learn on the live lesson. Once we have done this, you will work through your guided practice and workbook independently. Don't forget to send me photos of your work to the class email so that I can give you instant feedback and help if you need it.



Guided reading:

We are going to be expanding our knowledge on inference and literal skills in this lesson about chapter 3 of the Iron Man. On the live lesson, we will discuss the difference between inference and literal and how you must look for clues within the text in order to work out what the author means. You may also use your own knowledge and experiences to influence your reasoning behind an answer. You will then independently answer the questions on the last slide of the presentation in full sentences with reasons and quotes to back up your answer. This can be typed or written. Please ensure you send me your work so that I can give you instance feedback.


Today is our genre lesson. The genre for writing this week is a persuasive leaflet about our next location in North America. Firstly, I would like you to watch the news video before this lesson as unfortunately, a bear has escaped from Central Park Zoo and is on it's way to Yellowstone National Park. In order to write the leaflet, which will be about Yellowstone, we need to look at different leaflets and see if we can pick out the common features. This will help us become familiar with leaflets and how ours should look and what it should include. Once we have discussed this on the live lesson, I would like you to draw a table with the common features and vocabulary that could be used within your writing. Don't forget to send me a photo of your table.


What is outdoor art? Today you are going to be finding out what outdoor art is and how you can use natural resources to create art. From your research on Yellowstone National Park yesterday, you should now know more about the place and what it looks like. This means that you will be able to recreate an image of Yellowstone using natural resources from outside. For example, you may want to use twigs and stones to show the different areas of the park. I have included examples of outdoor art in the presentation to show you but I know you can do better. Please make sure you send me photos of your final art piece!

Children's work- Cooper Haney