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We have started our year with place value as our Maths topic. The children have been using place value counters to represent each place in numbers that have up to 6 digits! We have been working hard to use our Maths vocabulary when describing and explaining our thoughts and ideas. We have used words such as digit, value, thousands, ten thousands, ones and hundreds.


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We have been exploring place value using place value counters and grids. We have been adding and subtracting 6 digit numbers with the help of our resources.

In Science today we have been using our. maths skills to measure the distance a car travels off a ramp. The children measured using centimetres and compared their results at the end to conclude which ramp had the least friction.

The children have been learning a new method for multiplication - grid method. We have been partitioning numbers into tens and ones, before multiplying them together.

In DT, we made our own water wheels. We then needed Dave’s help to calculate the average number of turns the wheel makes from 1 jug of water. We added the number of rotations together over 3 attempts before dividing our total by 3.

Water Wheels

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We have been learning how to interpret lots of different graphs; bus timetables, line graphs, school timetables etc. The children have been working hard on using their vocabulary and words such as slope, axis, horizontal, diagonal.

In History, we have been using our Maths skills when putting events in order on a chronological timeline. The children had to think about which numbers were less than, greater than the previous.

In Music, we have been identifying the length of different notes and adding them together in a quick retrieval practice!

We had an amazing Number Day. We wore our number themed outfits and designed and played our own board games. We had to use our knowledge of squared numbers, cubed numbers, prime and composite numbers. 

Spring 2

We have begun our topic of decimals. The children have been using base 10, decimal counters and a place value chart to help visualise decimal numbers. 


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Measuring Angles using a Protractor

We have started the Summer term in Maths learning about angles. We have learnt the different types of angles and have become experts at measuring angles.

Our geometry topic is continuing in maths. We have learnt that the angles in triangles and strainght lines are 180and that angles in a circle and quadrilateral shapes add up to 3600 .

Position and Movement

We have begun a new maths topic called Position and Movement. We are using lots of new vocabulary including Line of Symmetry, Co-ordinates, Translation and Reflection.