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Curriculum Character



My name is Saffy The Scientist


I enjoy asking questions and finding out how things work. When I am working, I like to predict what might happen and then test it for myself to see if I was right. Sometimes my experiments get a little bit messy but it’s always fun trying to find the best way to tidy it up!


I love exploring new things whether that be about how the human body works, all about the night sky or how different materials are made up. As a scientist, sometimes I have to be quite patient because some things take quite a while to be revealed to me. It is really important that I watch things closely because a bit part of my job includes me having to present and represent what I have found out to others.


I first became interested in science when I went camping with my family. I lay by the tent late one evening looking up at the starry night sky. This began my interest of wondering what else was out there and since that day, I’ve always loved science! I also work really closely with one of my best friends Davevision. There are lots of connections between science and maths and me and Davevision love to work together to solve problems.


In my lab, we explore lots of new and different things to try and find out solutions to problems in the world. Science is a really exciting subject and we can learn lots about the world and the way we live from it. Science is going to change the world and I’m looking forward to helping the children of Westwood become the best scientists they can be!


My Skills 

  • Asks questions to find out how things work
  • Investigates how things work and how things change
  • Predicts what might happen
  • Records what she has found out
  • Evaluates what she has found out and is able to tell others