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Friday 12th Feb


Carrying on with equivalent fractions, today we will be simplifying them so will need our multiplication knowledge again. We will be using bar modelling again to physically see how a fraction can still be the same using smaller numbers. Doubling and halving will help us throughout this lesson. As usual, you will independently carry out the guided practice and workbook but if you have any questions just let me know as this can be tricky.


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Guided reading:

Today in guided reading we will be doing more comprehension questions about The Twits as I know you have become amazing at this. The questions will be based on everything we have read so far so don't forget, if you are struggling you can go back and read the text. I would like all of your answers to be written in full sentences. I have attached an audio version of the book underneath if you'd like to listen to the rest over the holidays.

Roald Dahl | The Twits

To help with comprehension questions and you can listen to the rest over the holidays if you wish.


We are going to finish our discussion today. As we did in yesterday's lesson, we will be writing down 3 reasons and explanations for North America this time. Make sure you use conjunctions just like you did yesterday. This will encourage you to give explanations for the points that you're arguing. Once you have written both sides of the argument, you are going to conclude by making a decision on which you would pick. Would you prefer to live in the UK or North America? Give reasons for your answer.

The children from STAR Academy in New York have now sent some responses to our letters that we sent before the Christmas holidays- just in time for the end of half-term! They are closed at the minute, just like us so Ms Ferrone (their teacher) has sent them electronically. I thought it would be a nice idea for you to have a read through some and write a letter back to them telling them all we have learnt about North America and that we have now got to the end of our adventure but we would love to stay in touch. You can start this now and continue through the holidays as homework. Once you have written your letter, send me a photo of it and we can email them back.

Celebration assembly!

Star of the week- Miss Robertshaw will choose the person who has been trying extra hard all week and has stood out for their outstanding work and attitude in all areas.

The Bug Club Award- this goes to the person who has been reading on bug club and is clearly trying their best with the questions.

Good work- 4 people have the opportunity to get good work as their will be someone chosen for each subject.

Star of the half term!