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Foundation: Rainforest Rumble!

In Birch and Ash classes, they came back after the holidays to see an orangutan in the classroom that they later discovered had come from the rainforest and needed to get back. All the clues they found included rhymes so they thought they could help him have some more fun by thinking of other things that rhyme too! They worked in groups to match some rhyming pairs and continue a rhyming string.

The children wrote about why the orangutan had come to their classroom.

After working out that there are problems in the rainforest, the children decided to go. They imagineered being on an aeroplane and wrote about what to pack.

When they got to the rainforest they sat down with Rainforest Ranger Peter. He was so happy to see Clyde the orangutan was with them. He told them he was worried because he was missing some of Clyde's friends. He had some pictures of what they looked like and they decided to help. They made him some 'missing' posters that he could put up.

The posters were successful, and they found Paula the python. The children wrote letters to Peter to let him know.

To celebrate the end of their adventure, the children went to the Wildlife Park to see some of the animals they had been learning about. After the trip, the children wrote about what they enjoyed the most.