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Hi Chestnut Class. I am so sorry that we have had to close and we won't be together in class for a while. Until we are back in class together we will be learning in different ways. Each day there will be 3 live inputs on Microsoft Teams:

9.15am Maths

10.30am Reading

1.00pm Writing


After each input there will be work uploaded to this page for you to complete. Once you've completed it you can send it to me:


You can also send me questions, ask for more information or ask for usernames and passwords if you have forgotten. 


It is really important that you keep learning the best you can whilst at home.  I would love to see your work and put it on the website for other children to see. 

Useful Links


Bug Club

practice your reading at home and answer the questions (make sure you click on the aliens and complete the questions or you won't have access to the next book)


TimesTables Rockstars-

Practice your times tables and earn coins!



9am- 11.30 there are live lessons for you to enjoy on TV or on iplayer


Purple Mash-

Have a go at the activities set for you or get creative and explore.


Joe Wicks Workouts-

Keep fit by joining Joe Wicks each day or catch up on his channel


Virtual Library- Just click on the link below to enjoy a virtual book! Thank you to Parklands Primary School for sharing this work will all schools across Leeds.

Wednesday 6th January 

Following on from the input, have ago at reading these pictograms. Remember to read the information carefully. 
Re-read the story and have a go at answering the questions. Remember to look back at the text for the answers.


The Hidden Chest

  1. Why was Captain Billhook angry?
  2. Why did Scallywag Sid have to stop searching for treasure? 
  3. What happened to fearless Fabio?
  4. Why was lucky bob wiping sweat from his forehead? 
  5. What couldn’t he find? 
  6. Why did the captain want to go inside? 
  7. What did Lucky Bob do?
  8. What was inside the chest? 
  9. Why did Lucky bob hit the captain?
Thinking about all of the places we have visited on the island, write a description of the new land to tell our families. Use noun phrases (towering, twisted tree) to describe each part of the island. Write 2-3 sentences for each place on the island.

Ways to start your sentences:

In the Mystical Maze there is...

When you enter the...

All around you...

Next to the...

Under the water...

Deep in the tunnels...

Inside the...



We need to understand what is on this new island if we are to live here for some time. Have a look at the map of the island. Can you find all of the places/ objects/ things that are natural (physical)? These are things that have grown or formed without any help from humans e.g. lagoon. Can you find the places/ objects/ things that humans have built? e.g. flags. You can write them in the list and draw a picture of what they look like too.

Story Time
Thursday 7th January 
We are continuing with our pictogram work. Following on from todays input, have a go at reading and understanding these pictograms.

The Hidden Chest- vocabulary questions

1. Find and copy one word that tells us the Captain was cross.

2. Find and copy one word that tells us Fabio was supposed to be brave.

3. Find and copy one word that tells us Fabio wouldn't come down from the tree.

4. Find and copy one word that tells us Lucky Bob stared at the Captain.

5. Find and copy one word that tells us how Captain Billhook got into the hole.



The Hidden Chest

Can you match the job to each pirate?

In order to open the chest we need the 5 keys/codes/passwords/chants/locks. We must writing a poster to ask the people on the island for some help. We are going to be using 'that' in our sentences to give more information. We need to describe what we are looking for and what they do e.g. We need the golden key that unlocks the red padlock. Follow the steps in the powerpoint to complete your poster.

Using what we learnt yesterday in geography about the human and physical features of the island, we need to find places to get all the things we need to survive. 


Can you remember what humans need to survive?






You are given the following:

an empty bottle

a net

a pan

a knife


What will you collect to make sure you survive? Where will you get it from? How will you get it?


Draw a picture of what you would collect and write where you would get it from and how you got it.


e.g. draw (bottle of water) I would fill up my bottle in the lagoon.

Story Time
Friday 8th January 
We are continuing with our pictograms and tally charts today. Have a go at these 4 questions below. Remember to read the chart carefully to see the value of each picture. 
We have had a reply from the Native Islanders about the missing locks. The problem is they are not very good at spelling and it is hard to understand. You need to read through what they have written and correct their spelling mistakes to make the letter make sense (just like we would with our green pens at school).

Christopher Columbus, who is one of the explorers on our trip, has so much knowledge of exploring islands. Login to your Purple Mash (email if you have forgotten your login) and check you 2do's. You need to complete the Christopher Columbus Mash Cam. You will need to research some facts about him to put in your speech bubble and take a picture of yourself to put on his face.

Monday 11th January
We are continuing to look at pictograms today. Read the information carefully to see what each picture represents.

The Pirates Next Door

Listen to the story below and then have a go at answering the questions.

Explanation questions

1. Explain why Tilda hoped a family would move in next door.

2. Explain why Grandpa won't get off the ship.

3. Explain why Mum and Dad don't want Tilda to play with the pirate boy.

4. Explain why Miss Pinky called the council.

5. Explain why Miss Divine wanted the pirates to go.

6. Explain why the people from the town liked the pirates at the end of the story. 


The first riddle takes us to the Whomping Wood. The trees have delicious apples growing on them as you try to pick one the tree start attacking you! Watch the video below and pretend that you are the characters at the trees. What happened? You are going to write a diary about what happened to you. 

Think about:

  • what you saw
  • what you tried to do
  • what happened when you did?
  • what did you do to the trees (like the scarecrow)
  • what did the trees do back?
  • what happened at the end?


Our special word today is the connective 'but'. We can use this in our sentences to say what happened when we did something. e.g. I went to pick a delicious looking apple from the tree but the tree grabbed it back and hit my hand!

The Talking Apple Trees

The trees in the Whomping Wood are growing a strange looking fruit. We could chop these down and eat them to help us survive. Have a go at drawing the fruit from the tree in the style of Kandinsky. Have a look at the PowerPoint for instructions and the picture below to see my fruit.