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Foundation: YoHoHo, A Pirating We Go!

The children in Reception started their new adventure, ‘Yo, ho, ho, a pirating we go’, by having a fun-filled pirate day making hats, swords and eye patches as well as listening to pirate stories.

They then discovered that Princess Spaghetti was locked up in the shield of sanctuary and she needed rescuing. They also found out that their ship had been broken in a terrible storm and imagineered this happening. After fixing the ship, the children wrote about what they did. They then created their own maps to show where they needed to sail.

To help them in saving Princess Spaghetti, they read the story and re-wrote their own versions to give them ideas for how to save her.

The children sailed on to find a part of the magic shield to save the princess but a lightning bolt broke the sail. A submarine saved them and took them to an under-water cave. They wrote diary entries of what it was like there and also write about their favourite sea creature that they saw.

The children also enjoyed going outside to write and draw about their adventure using chalk.