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I will be delivering a live phonics lesson at 10.30 for all children to attend. Please have a pen and paper ready for the spelling part of the session.


Please also complete daily spellings, handwriting and any extra phonics games from the phonics game tab on cherry remote learning page.

This week's spellings:







Please practice spellings at home for a short time each day.


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Phonics practice

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Today the children are learning the word 'from' in a mathematical sense. You could begin by using it verbally - can you walk from the sofa to the window? Can you walk from the bathroom to the bedroom? Where would you start and where would you end?


The children will then be calculating the distance between 2 things - from 1 thing to another. It is important the children count from the start each time to the flag.



This week we are continuing to explore the Island searching for the missing treasure chest. Whilst roaming the Island, we came across a new area called the mystical maze. We decide to go for a peek and see what is inside... oh my goodness! The maze is full of magical things like fairies, a troll, a waterfall, a wishing well etc. Have a think about other magical things that could be inside the maze.


I would like you to create an advert for the maze, persuading people to come and visit. This advert must be exciting and persuasive, use language that makes the maze sound like the best place to be in the world. Tickets are a great price at £5, you must visit today!


I would like the children to see if they can use an exclamation mark in their writing to add emphasis. The exclamation mark is used at the end of a sentence instead of a full stop when the sentence is shocking, surprising or exciting.


e.g. This maze has beautiful fairies flying around with magic sparkle dust. They make all your dreams come true! You will find a grumpy troll hiding under a long bridge, waiting to jump out at you. This maze is the most magical maze in the world!


It is important the children use adjectives in their adjectives as this will add detail and emphases to their description. They must always use capital letters, full stops and 'and' throughout their writing.



I would like you to draw a Kadinsky style piece of artwork using any medium you would like, this may be paint, chalk, pastel or coloured pencil. You need to first quarter your page so there is 4 smaller boxes. In each box, I would like you to do 1 circle each with different colours - try think about which colours match which (have a look at the colour wheel below).