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If I Ran a Zoo

A new exciting adventure has arrived! A mysterious egg has appeared in our school playground but we don't know what animal it has come from. It is our job to find the animal born from the egg a habitat where it will be safe and happy. 

I look forward to exploring animals and their habitats and learning all about the zoo with you!

Let's Go To The Zoo | Animal Song for Kids

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Over the half term an egg appeared in our school playground! We don't know what animal has laid the egg but we have began to form predictions; a dinosaur? An ostrich? A crocodile?
We wrote to Chester zoo asking for their help with our new egg. Chester zoo responded with a video from the Head Zookeeper who we described using adjectives in a brilliant character description.
In our Mindmate lesson, we learnt how our emotions can change in different situations. We created a happy to sad scale and discussed where changes can put us on the scale. We then learnt makaton for the different emotions we feel.
This week, we sculpted our own animals out of plasticine. We discussed proportions, texture and shape before having a go ourselves!

The elephants came into our classroom and sprayed us with water! They stamped their feet and made so much noise!


We wrote a letter to Santa asking for some long warm scarves for the giraffes in our zoo.

It was snowing today so we went outside to explore the winter weather. We also went to visit the guinea pigs to check they were warm and cosy.
The animals in our zoo come from all over the world where Christmas is celebrated differently. In RE and Art we learnt about Hannukah and created our own menorahs. We also researched Diwali and created our own Hindu lanterns.
We had some visitors in Cherry class today! The rabbits were very cute and enjoyed being gently stroked by the children.
As part of our Adventure we visited Chester Zoo! It was an amazing day and the children loved exploring and seeing all the animals.
All the animals in our zoo celebrated Christmas together and as a class we had a Christmas party to celebrate all our accomplishments this term. Well done Cherry class for having such as brilliant first term.