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If I Ran a Zoo

A new exciting adventure has arrived! A mysterious egg has appeared in our school playground but we don't know what animal it has come from. It is our job to find the animal born from the egg a habitat where it will be safe and happy. 

I look forward to exploring animals and their habitats and learning all about the zoo with you!

Let's Go To The Zoo | Animal Song for Kids

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Over the half term an egg appeared in our school playground! We don't know what animal has laid the egg but we have began to form predictions; a dinosaur? An ostrich? A crocodile?
We wrote to Chester zoo asking for their help with our new egg. Chester zoo responded with a video from the Head Zookeeper who we described using adjectives in a brilliant character description.
In our Mindmate lesson, we learnt how our emotions can change in different situations. We created a happy to sad scale and discussed where changes can put us on the scale. We then learnt makaton for the different emotions we feel.