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Autumn 1

Week 3: repeating patterns.

This week, we have been looking at repeating patterns. After their input on the carpet where we looked at different patterns together, the children continued to show obvious signs of understanding in provision as they collected everyday items and created different repeated patterns with them.

This week we are learning to compare quantities recognising when a group has more or fewer objects in it. We used ten frames and carefully placed the objects on the frame. We found out which group had the most.

This week, the children have really enjoyed investigating weight to find out if something is heavier, lighter or if the weight is balanced. We have lots of different weighing scales throughout provision for the children to see how it can be shown in more than one way. They found it really interesting when an object was smaller but weighed more than the larger object. They also loved finding object with balanced weight when the scales would stop in the middle.

Week 6: tall and small

This week the children have been looking at objects that are tall and objects that are small and comparing them. We compared how tall the children were and even some of the animals in our farm area. The children loved making themselves look taller by stretching up high and standing on their tiptoes.

Week 7: longer and shorter