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British Values

Autumn 1 

Week 1 - 15.9.22 - Shay for Democracy

We have been creating 3D maps in geography this week and it has been quite tricky and fiddly. Shay worked really well with his group, coming up to solutions to problems and listening to other people in his group and taking on their ideas as well. Well done Shay!


Week 2 - 22.9.22 - Tilly G for Rule of Law

Tilly is always doing the right thing. She tries so hard in every single subject and has become so much more confident over the last couple of weeks. Well done Tilly!


Week 3 - 29.9.22 - Lenny-Jo for Mutual Respect

I was really impressed with Lenny-Jo on our visit to the Discovery Centre this week. He was incredibly polite and kind to members of the public and staff at the Discovery Centre. Well done Lenny-Jo!


Week 4 - 6.10.22 - Tilly I for Individual Liberty

I have been really impressed with the amount of effort Tilly has been putting into her homework so far this year! She has made fantastic timelines and even built artefacts for our displays at home as well. Well done Tilly! 


Week 5 - 13.10.22 - Isla-Mae for Tolerance

Isla-Mae has shown real perseverance and resilience this week when things have got a bit trickier, particularly in maths. She hasn't been phased by having to do a bit of green pen work and she hasn't given up with any of her work. Well done Isla-Mae!


Week 6 - 20.10.22 - No British Value in this week

Autumn 2

Week 1 - 3.11.22 - Bethany for Individual Liberty - Yesterday, Bethany got given her script for the Christmas show and has a main part and a solo! Today, she came into school having learnt all of her lines at home last night and not needing a script! We were all very impressed Bethany - well done!


Week 2 - 10.11.22 - Lilie for Tolerance - We have been working really hard with Lilie and handwriting this year and making sure she keeps it straight and not wonky! She has been doing so much handwriting practice in lessons and with Mrs Thompson as well and we're both really seeing the difference! Well done Lilie


Week 3 - 17.11.22 - Jacob for Individual Liberty - Jacob always brings so many things into school to share with everyone and show off on our tree of dreams, it is becoming Jacob's Tree of Dreams! He gets involved in so many other things outside of school, it is lovely to see him enjoy this and share it! Well done Jacob!


Week 4 - 24.11.22 - Melanija for Rule of Law - Melanija has been a superstar this half term! She is always ready to learn and is always willing to give everything a go. She follows all of the rules and works so well, even if she is all over the place in different groups in the morning (and she had a great time bowling and at the cinema this week!). Well done Melanija! 


Week 5 - 1.12.22 - Ayden for Tolerance - Ayden is new to Westwood and to our country. At home, his mum has been showing him how to write and me and Mrs Thompson have been showing him how to write joined up and he has picked it up so well from all of us! We also found out from him that in Hong Kong, you only go to school until lunch and then go home, so Ayden has tolerance for this week for doing a full week of school of full days - he must be shattered! Well done for a first week at Westwood Ayden! 


Week 6 - 8.12.22 - Lyla for Individual Liberty - Lyla has worked so hard this week. She did an amazing performance as part of our Christmas show and she has been working hard at home with her reading, spelling and Times Table Rockstars. It's really showing in her work the effort she is putting in at home! Well done Lyla! 


Week 7 - 15.12.22 - Chosen by Mrs Partridge 

Spring 1

Week 1 - Robinwood


Week 2 - 12.1.23 - Bentley for Tolerance

In maths this week, we have been looking at the bus stop method for division. It is something which Bentley has found quite tricky but I've been really impressed with his perseverance and his tolerance for keeping on going, even when things get a little bit tough. Well done Bentley!


Week 3 - 19.1.23 - Isla-Mae for Rule of Law

Isla-Mae always does the right thing! She always puts 100% effort into every single lesson and she is always so happy and a pleasure to have in the class. She always cheers people up and works so, so hard. Well done Isla-Mae!


Week 4 - 26.1.23 - Bethany for Mutual Respect

Bethany has been working really hard in maths this week and I've also been really impressed with how well she has been at helping other people who have struggled a little bit. She hasn't told them the answers but she has spoken to them really helpfully and given them some tips. Well done Bethany!


Week 5 - 2.2.23 - Kayden for Tolerance

Kayden worked really hard when we tried our new way of doing art this week. He was very patient and tried really hard to set his work out as neat as he could, whilst also putting his own personal spin onto it. Well done Kayden! 


Week 6 - 9.2.23 - Scarlett for Individual Liberty

Miss Clayton and Mrs Thompson commented on how impressed they have been with Scarlett’s determination and progress in swimming this half term. She has tried really hard and has really enjoyed herself!!


Spring 2

Week 1 -23.2.23 - Scarlett for Rule of Law

Scarlett always tries her best at everything and follows all of the rules! She is such a kind, mature and polite member of our class who is always fantastic! Well done Scarlett!


Week 2 - 2.3.23 - Isla-Mae for Individual Liberty

Isla-Mae has come out of her shell so much this half term! She has really found her voice in Oak Class. She is contributing to class discussions and sharing her amazing ideas! She's that confident that she's even been bugging Mrs Thompson about joining cheerleading - she really is shining! Well done Isla-Mae!


Week 3 - 9.3.23 - Oscar for Mutual Respect

Oscar has been excellent at working in a group this week and listening to other people's ideas. He has also contributed lots of ideas to his group and worked well as the Where in the World Team Captain! Well done Oscar!


Week 4 - 16.3.23 - Bailey for Tolerance

Compared to every other subject, Bailey is not a huge fan of writing! But, I have seen a huge change in his attitude and effort in writing with both his spelling and handwriting as well as his amazing ideas. He has tolerated us so much and is putting so much more effort into his writing. Well done Bailey!


Week 5 - 23.3.23 - Tilly G for Tolerance

Tilly has worked really hard and carefully this week in our art lessons when she has been creating Fabric Lenny doodles. She has taken her time and been really patient and tolerant, because some of it has been a bit fiddly. Well done Tilly! 


Week 6 - 30.3.23 - Lyla for Mutual Respect

I was really impressed by Lyla's respect, maturity and how sensible she was at the Sikh Gurdwara this week. She showed great knowledge and asked lots of sensible questions. Well done Lyla!

Summer 1

Week 1 - Skye and Oscar for Mutual Respect

This week in SPAG, we had a very tricky prefix and suffix sorting challenge and it was tough! I was so impressed with how Oscar and Skye worked together as part of their House team and it was great to see them tackle the challenge. Well done!


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Summer 2

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