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Autumn 2

Angels, Magic and Miracles!

This half term we meet a clumsy angel and a silly wobbly wizard! 

Our Adventure will take us into the Magical time of Christmas and lead us right up to our Christmas Nativity. 


We will meet unexpected challenges along the way as we help Whoops a Daisy Angel become a better  angel and land herself the most important job of all ‘message giver to Mary and Joseph’. 

2 minutes silence

We wrote about Poppies on a poppy petal and put them all together to make one giant poppy as a team! At 11am we had a 2 minutes silence and watched a lovely remembrance video while listening to classical music.

Meeting Whoops a Daisy and her germs!

We found out Whoops a Daisy was getting ready for her 6th birthday but she couldn’t join in with the celebration until she was all clean. Her hand were covered in angel germs. We thought about how to get her hands clean. We watched how fast germs spread when we touch things. We tried water on it’s own and that didn’t work so we tried rubbing, still not working, then we used soap. This worked! She was ready for the party. We wrote down our ideas before setting the party table with 6 of each item!

Table set for 6

Wobbly Wizard Wands

We had some items from the party missing... we only had 2 plates, 3 cups and 4 cakes. We needed help from the Wobbly Wizards Wand to make 6. We had to work out how many more we needed. The wobbly wizard had a wand made of 6 magic blocks! Only when it has 6 will the magic work! We tested our magic wands on the interactive whiteboard.

Practising sounding out and blending

​​​​​​we have had a very busy week this week! We found out that whoops a daisy Angel wanted to impress the other angels by baking them a cake. She didn't have any ingredients when she went to her cupboard so we wrote our shopping lists and went on the minibus to Asda. We bought everything we needed and followed instructions to bake the cake when we got back to school. We looked carefully at the measuring scales and tales about how the ingredients were changing. We were very good at mixing. 


Using our own shopping lists in Asda

Decorating the cake

Counting 7 snowflakes

Week 4:


We had another visit from Whoops a Daisy angel today, she was so clumsy we laughed at her a lot! She spilt the Pom Pom jar all over the floor and knocked a box of toys over! 

She told us all about the perfect angels and how desperate she was to impress them. A message in a bottle appeared in our classroom from the angels telling us that Whoops a Daisy had an important job to do! We had to get Whoops a daisy ready for the job!

Our Whoops a Daisy visit

We wrote our ideas of how to get her ready for the job!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Ash Class

The children decorated the class Christmas tree. As they decorated it we all talked about their own family traditions and how we celebrate. We also celebrated the start of Advent by opening the first 2 doors of our advent Calendar. 

Making a place for creatures to hibernate!

We talked about December being the start of winter and end of Autumn. After our winter walk last week we realise that there are not many creatures around as lots of them hibernate during winter. We made warm cosy homes for creatures in our outdoor area. Oliver made one for a hedgehog. “The straw will make it cosy and the leaves are for his toilet. I’ll bend this to make a chair.” 

Mia made a house for a mouse. “The mouse will need some water, I’ll give it some water. There it will be lovely and cosy in there.”

Oakley made a spider house. “The spider will want to be nice and warm won’t it.”

Jaxon thought about the idea of making a bird house but wasn’t sure how to get it into the tree. “The bird nest needs sticks.”

We love reading!

In reception we promise to instil a love of reading in every child! I think these photos show how much we enjoy to snuggle up with a book! 

Finding Stick Man and his family

After listening to the story of Stick Man the children went out to find stick man and his family. We discussed the length of the sticks we need and compared the length of sticks. We associated the length to the character. “Stick man is the longest.” “Look at my baby Stick it’s the shortest one.”


The very busy run up to Christmas!


We have been incredibly busy preparing for Christmas. We have rehearsed our Nativity and become very familiar with the story of ‘The First Christmas’! As well as all of this we have been consolidating our learning and applying our knowledge to our play.