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Year 1 advert for visiting the magical box focusing on using full stops.

Year 3 and Year 4/5 leaflet about Visiting England including commas in a list and sub-headings

Year 4/5 advert for the Mona Lisa including imagineering in an auction house, using direct address, expanded noun phrases and inverted commas

A Year 6 advert to persuade people to buy an Anderson Shelter using superlatives, a quote to recommend and relative clauses for extra information

Persuade - Advert

In Elder, the piece of writing was an advert selling the Mona Lisa. For the hook the teacher was in role as a wacky art dealer (Mr Hazelboom) and explained to the children there was opening for a job in his art gallery. The children had to think of a range of exciting adjectives and also use the wizard words provided to convince their partner to buy various famous paintings and finally the Mona Lisa. They then had an auction for the paintings.

Persuade - Advert

The children also completed this piece of writing in Oak class. They visited an auction house to see different pieces of art and speak to the dealers to find out why they should buy their paintings. They looked at how to directly address to the reader to be extra persuasive. In the genre lesson the children had to pick out features from an advert using a nonsense and features sheet, they were able to write these on the table.