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Celebration days and weeks

Safer Internet Day - An Internet we trust

9 February 2021


The focus was on exploring reliability in the online world.


In Key Stage 1 the children were introduced to Detective Digiduck, a character who encourages children to start to think about online content, and helps them to understand that what they read or see online might be true, untrue, or someone's opinion. The link below will take you to the Detective Digiduck website where you can enjoy his adventures with your children.


In Key Stage 2 the children participated in discussions and a range of activities enabling them to explore the concept of online reliability and steps they can take to check the validity of what they read and see on the Internet.


Here are some examples of their super work!




Safer Internet Day - Exploring respect and relationships online

8 February 2022


This year we have been looking at two things:   

1. Having fun online, like playing favourite games or watching favourite shows 

2. How we behave with other people online.



In KS1 we discussed how important it is to think about the feelings of others. In the same way we all try to be kind offline, we should also do this when we're online.

We followed the story of Digiduck and the Magic Castle in which Digiduck and his friends have fun playing online together, whilst learning important lessons on asking for help if something pops up on the screen, and permission before downloading something new.

You can share the story at:

Digiduck and the Magic Castle



In KS2 the focus has been on behaving respectfully whilst having fun online. Through a series of scenarios the children discussed the appropriateness of a character's actions and, if the behaviour is not respectful, how the character could respond instead.