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Writing Hooks

Before every piece of writing, we deliver a 'writing hook' to engage the children in what they are writing. This can be done in a range of ways (see below).

KS1 imagineering that an animal had broken into the classroom and made a huge mess. They had to work out the clues to solve what had happened.

LKS2 taking part in imagineering and outdoor learning through meeting 'Grugg' the caveman and spending a day living like a hunter-gatherer before writing diaries.

LKS2 taking part in a practical hook trying food from a Jungle Diner before writing persuasive adverts.

LKS2 imagineering and outdoor learning dressed up as animals before writing a setting description of a jungle.

UKS2 using drama to recreate the killing of Grendel whilst studying the book Beowulf. Followed by writing a newspaper report.

UKS2 using the outdoors to collect items to create the journey of a river diagram. Using this they wrote non-chronological reports about rivers.

UKS2 making waterwheels as part of their River Rescue adventure. They then wrote instructions for how to make one.

Look below at the examples of work from the 'our writing' section to see the writing hooks that we do before completing our piece of writing.