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Rowan class worked with Tender to produce a wonderful presentation to Willow and Sycamore class. 

Read below to find out more about Tender:


Tender Education & Arts is a charity working with young people to develop skills for building healthy and respectful relationships. They achieve this through open, creative workshops that explore the healthy and unhealthy aspects of friendships, empowering students to consider their attitudes and behaviour in an age-appropriate way.


Since 2003, Tender has been developing and delivering work in London, and in 2012 began sharing their work across the country through the National Partnership Programme.  Tender’s West Yorkshire Hub was set up in 2017 and due to the success of the senior school programme in West Yorkshire, Tender are now bringing their unique and innovative programme to West Yorkshire Primary Schools. 


The Healthy Relationships Primary Schools Project is a two-day project.  Tender worked with students from Year 5 who become Ambassadors for healthy relationships within the school. The culmination of the two-day project was a presentation, where students shared their knowledge with their peers. 


Children learnt to:

  • Identify what makes healthy and unhealthy friendships and relationships
  • Identify safe and unsafe touch, and learn the NSPCC Underwear Rule
  • Recognise their rights as children and developing human beings
  • Explore expectations around gender and equality
  • Recognise the effects of bullying and develop empathy
  • Offer appropriate support to their peers and seek support if they need it
  • Present what they have learnt to their peers during an assembly      


See below the pictures of our workshops and performance...

Here are impact quotes from the children and an impact report provided by Tender:

When asked if they had one thought about what they had learnt during the project, students gave an enthusiastic range of responses:


A good friend is someone who…


“…is kind to you, doesn’t bully you and call you names”

Girl, age 9


“…cares for you.”

Boy, age 9


 “…respects you and cares for you when you are sad”

Girl, age 9


“…helpful, not rude, doesn’t get jealous and who is kind”

Girl, age 9


“…patient, helpful, trustworthy”

Boy, age 9


“...plays with you and is kind”

Female, age 9