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A Super Space Rescue Adventure Story

A Super Space Rescue

In a Galaxy far away from Earth, lived many aliens on a planet called ‘Underpants’. The aliens were afraid as a cheeky ‘Supertato’ was shrinking all the planets in the galaxy. They worried that it wouldn’t be long till Supertato arrived and shrunk their beloved homeland. They searched high and low looking for help, they even resulted in travelling to earth as they believed only humans would be able to help them.


Luckily, they found a kind, caring bunch of humans who were shocked that Supertato was up to his old tricks and they too wanted to put a stop to him and save the galaxy. The humans decided they needed to travel to space to help the aliens, however wondered how to get there and what they would need.


Fortunately, the humans knew a bear- called Bear- who once travelled to space in record time while his mum was getting his bath ready. This bear knew all what the humans would need so they called him and he gave them such good advice and told them all about his own travels to space. The humans decided that Bears space craft was an easier option than building a rocket, as that would take weeks! They got to work and within hours had they travelling devices ready.


Before they could take of in their space crafts they decided to stop of at the space station as Bear had told them that Furby his friend had told him some other information about what trouble Supertato was causing in space. The humans travelled on a train to the space station, carrying their space crafts and all their belongings. Once they got to the space station they were greeted by Furby! Furby told them that his satellites had recorded the mischief that Supertato was up to and he could see the aliens fleeing from their planet in search for help- so the humans visit is no surprise to him! Furby gave the humans some extra power to fly their space crafts into orbit.


It wasn’t long, until all the humans were dressed in their space suits and comfortably sat in their space craft. Furby announced the countdown 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF!!!


Whilst in the space craft, the humans clung on tightly as they had never felt a power like this before. They soon zoomed out of the earth’s atmosphere and were in space! Then humans chanted, “We’re going on a Tato hunt, we’re going to find a cheeky one, we’re not scared! Oh no!”


After many of hours, they spotted a pair of underpants in the distance- it must be Planet Underpants where the aliens live thought the humans. They aimed for the planet and soon landed. The humans discussed with the alien-named Bob- all what Supertato had done in the galaxy so far. Bob explained how much danger ‘Planet Underpants’, was in and how it possibly could be next on Supertato’s list to shrink.


Suddenly, they saw a three flashes blast past them, a green one, a red one and a blue one. They wondered for a moment who it could be and then Bob’s wife pulled their attention to the Space news report. The avengers had been spotted flying overhead! Perfect timing thought the humans, if only they could contact the Avengers and ask of their help then Supertato could be stopped! The humans and aliens worked together and wrote letters to every superhero they knew, it wasn’t long until they all arrived on Planet Underpants.


Working together, the humans, aliens and superheroes decided to build a machine which would transport Supertato to Superhero camp, where Iron man and his team could make Supertato great again!


The End!