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Winnee's Winter Adventure Story

Winnee’s Winter Adventure

Once upon a time there lived a little, wrinkly, old witch called Winnee. She lived in a small, crooked town called Cats Whiskers, where people of different sizes and shapes lived. Nobody in the town knew where Winnee lived as her house was disguised in sweets just like the Gingerbread man. However they did know all about her magical, mysterious, magnificent potion lab in the dark crooked building down lazy lane. Every day the people of Cats Whiskers would come to Winnee for help with their problems. Winnee was not like other witches as she was a kind, thoughtful and caring witch, who was always willing to help others by making them wonderful potions.


One day two skeletons strolled into Winnee’s magnificent potions lab, with their dog called Boney. Boney had had an accident and had ended up as a pile of bones. Winnee knew exactly what potion would fix Boney, after giving him an x-ray to see what bones he had broken. She quickly then got to work making the splendid potion. It only took a little while and Boney was back to his usual barking self, licking Winnee all over the face to say thank you. Winnee had herself another three happy customers.


The next day Winnee’s cousin Meg came into the potion lad with her darling cat Mog. They were both extremely upset as Meg had planned to take Mog to Cat Land but she had a terrible fall the night before and bumped her head meaning she couldn’t remember for the life of her how to fly her broomstick. Winnee cackled quietly to herself, as she told Meg you don’t need a potion to fix your problem Meg, I can just help you remember. Winnee wrote her some instructions on forever lasting paper so she would never forget how to fly her broomstick again. Meg without thought quickly got on her broomstick to give it a try but after one attempt she fell knocking into the shelf, causing some of Winnee’s potions to smash on the floor. Winnee helped Meg up (she wasn’t angry because she knew Meg was just excited to fly her broomstick again) and told her to take her time as she wouldn’t want to get hurt again and flying is a tricky business. Thankfully it didn’t take much longer till Meg was flying away on her broomstick to Cat Land with Mog!


The day after that, Winnee got the surprise of her life, the best costumer ever walked through the door. She stood in shock as it was the big red man himself…SANTA CLAUSE. Santa Clause calmed Winnee down (from her excitement) before he told her of his problem. Winnee couldn’t believe what Santa was saying, his biggest toy making machine in his workshop had broken and no Christmas magic, reindeer magic or Elf magic could fix it. Winnee replied, “But why are you here, if they can’t fix it, how will I?”

Santa Clause chuckled mysteriously to himself, “Why Winnee, your name was top on my good list, so I know you are the best person for the job!” “You won’t be able to fix it here though, you will have to bring your potion bag and come with me to the North Pole!”

“I’d love to come and help you Santa but I’ve never been to the North Pole before, how would I get there?”

“Follow me on my sleigh Winnee and I will lead you to my workshop.” It didn’t take Winnee long to pack her bag and she was off on her broomstick following Santa on his sleigh over Cat Whiskers town.


After hours of flying over deep, blue oceans and hot, dusty deserts, Winnee started to feel a very cold chill travel down her broomstick. Within seconds, Winnee found herself surrounded by a grey, thunderous snowy storm. She lost all sight of Santa Clause on his sleigh as she got caught in the giant whirlwind. CRASH…Winnee fell with a bump to the icy, cold ground. She looked around and found herself surrounded by a blanket of white snow with no sign of Santa or his enormous workshop. However, in the distance she could see a black and white figure. Winnee picked herself up and made her way to the figure. As she got closer, the figure got bigger and she was staring at a penguin. The penguin introduced himself and asked Winnee about her troubles. He informed Winnee that he and Santa are very good friends and he can take her to his friend Percy the polar bear, who can drive her from here all the way to Santa’s workshop. After a short while, Winnee met Percy and he took her across the icy sea to Santa’s Workshop.


Winnee knocked on the door and a relieved Santa Clause happily greeted her in from the cold, as he had been very worried about Winnee. In no time at all, Winnee had mixed up a range of her potions from her bag and mastered together a spectacular spell. With a puff of smoke the machine jumped into life! Santa Clause thanked Winnee and asked if she would stay to help him as after the weeks of not having the machine working, he and his Elves where behind on getting all the toys ready for Christmas. Winnee excitedly accepted his offer as she always wanted to help make and wrap all the toys for the children around the world.


Christmas Eve soon arrived and with the help from Winnee, Santa was in his sleigh, ready to deliver all the presents.


The End.