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Once upon a time, in a mystical fairy tale land…story

Once upon a time, in a mystical fairy tale land…

Once upon a time, up an enormous green beanstalk in the clouds which hung over Middleton, Leeds there was a mystical, mysterious fairy tale land. This fairy tale land wasn’t like any other fairy tale land as it was dark and gloomy. One day some terrified fairies came scampering down the huge beanstalk and asked for some help from the children in a school nearby. Without thought, the children eagerly climbed the beanstalk to find a disserted grassland with piles of straw and sticks scattered on the floor, they understood the fairies worry.


Suddenly, they heard a strange whispering noise, “Psst, psst, come here, quick before he sees you!” The children quickly ran to the large, red brick house to find three terrified pigs hiding inside. The pigs told them all about a big, bad wolf, who destroyed their homes and was destroying fairy-tale land. Every creature big and small, was frightened of the hairy wolf and what he would destroy

or do next.


Unexpectedly, causing all the children and pigs to jump in fright a loud ringing sound came from one of the little pigs’ phone, called Preston. On the other end a sobbing voice could be heard. It was Goldilocks, “That terrible wolf has made the three bears mad at me again, it wasn’t me this time, I didn’t eat the porridge or break Baby Bears new chair!” “We need to do something about this bad wolf, he has to be stopped, come to my house across the river, I know just the person who can help us.” The pigs eagerly replied, as they too couldn’t carry on hiding from the wolf, they agreed with Goldilocks that he needed to be stopped!


The pigs and children set off using their owl eyes, fox feet and deer ears to make sure they couldn’t be seen or heard by the wolf, as they walked to Goldilocks house. On the way, flashing past them was a small, crunchy gingerbread man. “Run, run as fast as you can wolf, you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man!” The pigs shouted to the gingerbread man, “Quick, follow us and he won’t find you!” Everybody quickly ran to Goldilocks house.


When they got there, goldilocks introduced them to Jack, who had heard about all the things the wolf had done and knew just how to solve everybody’s problem. He told them about a magic harp which the giant owned, in the castle above the hills. This harp, which was played by the beautiful elegant lady which was curved into the harps side, would turn the meanest of people into the kindest- the perfect solution for the Big Bad Wolf!


Quickly, they all set off to the giant’s castle, where they found him enjoying a scrumptious Chinese. They also learnt that the Giant was actually very kind and very willing to let them borrow his harp to make the wolf kind again.


After much deliberation, they managed to trap the wolf in their magnificent invention and played the harp to him, so he confessed to all his wrong doings and was made kind forever!


All the characters and the children then sat down to enjoy a delicious feast, full of giant sized portions, at the Giants castle. The wolf was on his best behaviour, using his manners and sharing all the food with his new friends. Everybody lived happily ever after in their now bright and beautiful fairy tale land.



The End.