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The Lost Treasure Adventure Story

The Lost Treasure


On a sandy, luxurious beach a pirate in his huge ship landed on the shore. He was frantically running around looking for something while counting his steps. In his hand he held a long, golden scroll. He dropped to his knees at ‘x marks the spot’ and appeared very sad for some reason! His treasure had been discovered and taken by someone or something…


The pirate looked closely at where his treasure would have been, the sand was wet and squelchy. He thought for a while and believed that the sea had swept his treasure away, how would he ever be able to search deep in the blue sea? All of a sudden, the pirate jumped up to his feet as he had an idea. Years ago while on his pirate travels he came across an abandoned yellow submarine! After an almighty struggle, he managed to get the submarine in his pirate ship and it’s been left there till this day. So the pirate quickly returned to his ship and restarted the yellow submarine with the special key he found inside. The blades started to spin and the submarine slowly sank into the deep blue ocean.


The pirate had lived on the sea all his life but had never seen what laid beneath. He was amazed as he looked through the porthole, he could see thousands of different colours, seaweed dancing and a range of sea creatures rushing around him.


Soon the pirate saw a school of sharks swimming towards him, he quickly put on his diving essentials and swam out to the sharks. He approached the sharks cautiously but soon realised they were very friendly when they gave him a big welcome. The sharks asked what brought him to visit under the sea, so he explained what happened to his treasure. The sharks listened well but couldn’t help the pirate as they didn’t know anything about his treasure, nor did the turtles, fish or octopus!


The pirate started to give up hope until he suddenly saw a sparkle deep at the bottom of the ocean. He darted like lightening down to the bottom to see if it was his treasure. But unfortunately when he reached the bottom he found a sad and lonely fish. He asked him why he was sad as he was the most stunning, beautiful and shiny fish the pirate had ever seen. The fish smiled back and thanked the pirate for being so kind to him, how could he return the favour? The pirate replied, “Well if you happen to know anything about my missing treasure from the beach, I would be very grateful’. Rainbow Fish sadly didn’t know anything about the pirates treasure but told him of a fish named ‘Tiddler’, who knew all about what was happening under and above the sea. Rainbow Fish called Tiddler and arranged for the pirate to meet him.


Surprise, Surprise, Rainbow Fish had warned the pirate about Tiddler being late and that he was! A few hours had past and Tiddler soon arrived with a book full of excuses. The pirate asked him about his treasure and for once Tiddler didn’t know anything, however told the pirate where he gets all his information from…the snail of the whale!


The pirate got straight back into his submarine and followed the calls of the whales. He popped up out of the sea in his submarine when he appeared to be near the pod of whales. He looked around for the tiny snail on one of the whale’s backs and it didn’t take long till he found him. He approached the snail and asked if he knew anything about his treasure, as this was his last hope of ever finding it. The snail grinned and replied, “Yes indeed, I do know about some strange movement over on that beach near the lighthouse, I heard a thumping noise while sleeping on whales back and it woke me up. I looked across the shore and saw Dinosaurs roaming around and digging in the sand, maybe they took your treasure?” The pirate thanked snail for all his help and quickly swam to shore to find the dinosaurs.


The pirate looked at his treasure map for directions to the dinosaurs and followed it carefully making sure he didn’t go the wrong way into a soggy, sinking swamp. When he arrived at the dinosaur’s home, he saw them all having a huge fancy dress party wearing all of his magnificent treasure. He approached the tallest Dinosaur and asked why they had taken his treasure, The dinosaurs sympathetically explained that they didn’t realise it was the pirate’s treasure they just found it and thought it would be great to wear it for their fancy dress party! The pirate understood and told the dinosaurs they could share it! The dinosaur’s where so happy that they invited the pirate to join the party. Everybody danced and ate cake for they were all friends and the pirate had found his long lost treasure!!!





The End.