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Once upon a time, in a mystical fairy tale land... adventure

The children really enjoyed our adventure this term. It all started when we arrived back at school after the Christmas holidays. We found a letter from Winnee the Witch telling us that she accidently left some magic beans in our classroom and a beanstalk had grown.


We were so excited we rushed to the beanstalk straightaway, it was truly magnificent. Suddenly some fairies rushed down the beanstalk and shouted to us for some help. It was a difficult climb but we managed to climb up to the top of the beanstalk to help the fairies. We saw the land and it was all dark and gloomy, with piles of straw and sticks scattered all over the land. We then heard a whisper from a brick house, where we found three pigs.


The pigs were very frightened, they told us all about a Big Bad Wolf who was ruining the once beautiful fairy tale land and causing havoc for all! We had to warn all creatures in the tale land not to approach the Big Bad Wolf, so we wrote posters to tell everyone what we looked like.


We helped share the bricks between the other two pigs so they could build themselves a house as their stick and straw idea didn’t make a very strong house!


After a few days of getting to know the three little pigs, they got a phone call from a very upset Goldilocks. She explained that the three bears were very angry at her because once again someone had eaten baby bears porridge, broke his chair and slept in his bed. Goldilocks promised us all that it wasn’t her but the Big Bad Wolf, yet the three bears did not believe her. To cheer Goldilocks up, we wrote letters to the three bears to tell them that we believe Goldilocks didn’t do it but it was the Big Bad Wolf.


We made bear toast for Goldilocks and the three pigs and wrote a list of the ingredients we needed so they could make it again. 



The next day we went back to the three pigs house and  they got a phone call from Goldilocks telling them to quickly get to her house as she had someone important for them to meet. When we were walking to Goldilocks’ house we saw a Gingerbread man running. He told us he was running away from a wolf, as he had eaten all of his friends. We told him we would help him so he followed us to Goldilocks’s house.


When we got to Goldilocks’s house we met Jack and he told us all about the nice, friendly giant who lived in the castle at the top of the hill. He told us that the giant had a special harp that when played would turn even the unkindest person kind again.

We needed to find the giant to get the harp!!!

We followed his footsteps and handprints but still couldn’t find him, so Jack described him to us and we quickly made a portrait of him so we wouldn’t forget.



We wrote posters describing the giant so everyone in fairy-tale land knew to look out for him, as we so badly wanted to see him to ask for the harp!



Days went on and we still hadn’t found the giant. So we decided to go to his castle and knock on his door. We went up the beanstalk, across the fields and through deep waters. We saw giant butterflies and knew we weren’t far away. We soon arrived at the front door of the castle and knocked, but there was no answer so we quietly walked in as Jack said the giant wouldn’t mind. We were amazed by the magnificent staircase and grand halls- so much so that we decided to have a dance to the smooth playing music.



We could smell some scrumptious food cooking so we followed the smell with our noses and arrived in the castles dining room. A feast was set out on the table and within seconds the giant walked in holding the golden harp. We had to shout really loud to get his attention as we were so small compared to him, he couldn’t see or hear us. We told the giant all about the big bad wolf and he was very willing to give us his harp and also asked us to stay to enjoy his Chinese feast. It was scrumptious and we left the castle very happy with the harp. All we had to do now was catch the wolf…



We thought of different ways to catch the wolf and decided to create a trap. We all designed and wrote about our own raps so Goldilocks, the three bears and the Gingerbread man could pick the best one to trap the wolf with.


The trap was decided on and quickly made, we even added a Gingerbread man, as Austen thought it would be a good way to trick the wolf into our trap.



We waited and waited, soon the wolf came by and noticed the Gingerbread man in our trap- he ran straight over to eat him without realising it was a trap. We had the wolf trapped, so we quickly played the harp music to him. Seconds past and the wolf seemed to be turning kind, he had the biggest smile on his face and started hugging the Gingerbread man. We soon let the wolf out the trap and we was so lovely, being kind to us all. We explained to the wolf, what he had been doing and he said sorry to everyone. The wolf then asked if the giant would help him put on a feast so he could say a really big sorry for everything he has done. We prepared a lovely feast of bread, soup and stew for all the creatures in fairy-tale land. The giant opened his castle and everybody enjoyed the food and were really happy that the wolf was kind and would no longer be spoiling their beautiful land.