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'If you believe you can do it, you can and you will!'

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Princess Protection Program! Adventure five

We are becoming important knights who need to protect the princess in Leeds! She is being chased by the scary dragon, so it is our job to send her to Delhi where she will be safe. We are the princess protection program!
We looked at the human and physical features of Leeds this week on a map and then wrote down what each feature was!

Seven Continents Song

We learnt the continents song and would always play it at the end of the day!

Once we learnt our continent song we coloured in all of the continents, making sure we stayed in the lines!

Five Oceans Song

A song to help kids learn the 5 oceans in order from largest to smallest. Subscribe! ➜ Support Hopscotch on Patreon!

Look at our amazing Leeds skyline we did for Princess Pippa!
We wanted to invite the king and queen to our holi festival so we tried our hardest and wrote them a letter.
We had so much fun on our school trip! We wrote a recount of everything we did so that we could send it to Princess Pippa.
We wrote a newspaper report about what the evil dragon has been up to!
Look at all of our displays!
We went on a trip to give the dragon his potion to stop him from being so hungry. We then wrote up where we went in our adventure. 
Thanks to Oak class for being our writing buddies and for showing us all of their super work!
We learnt about the seasons and seasonal change this week. We then put on our own weather report and learnt how the weather is different from Leeds to Delhi. 
We had so much fun at our indian banquet. We made lots of curries and our parents all came in to try them! Thank-you to everyone who came, we really enjoyed it.
It's Holi Festival time! We loved throwing powder paint at each other - we even got the teachers!