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A Super Space Rescue Adventure

We were shocked when we came back to school after the Easter holidays as we found lots of slime and underpants all around our classroom. We went on a hunt to find more clues, that’s when we came across a letter addressed to us!



We gathered all the clues together and thought for a while to try work out who the letter was from. We soon realised that aliens must have visited our school. Suddenly the phone rang and the strange voice asked if we had got their letter… it was the aliens! They explained what was happening in space and how Supertato was shrinking all the planets and theirs would be next, so they desperately needed our help that’s why they travelled to Earth as they thought only we could help.

We told the aliens we would be happy to help!


The aliens told us all about them and we worked in our Burn2learns groups to create portraits of them and helped each other write a character description.




As a class we told the aliens that we would travel to space to help them…but we had a problem! We had no idea how to get there or what to take. Luckily, we contacted Bear and he told us all about his journey and what he took.






After Bears great advice we got together in our burn2learn groups, packed our bags and created our own rockets!






Suddenly, the morning before we were meant to set off to space we came into class to find all our fruit and vegetables tied up and bumped. We looked around for clues to find out who did it and that is when we found potato peel and peas. So we decided to travel to see Furby (Bears friend) who has been keeping a close eye through satellites on Supertato. He confirmed Supertato was on earth and making his way up to Planet Underpants next. So Furby helped us board out rockets and gave use some extra power to blast off.






We clung on tightly while travelling around space and soon in the distance we spotted a planet shaped like underpants. It wasn’t long till we landed safely! Miss Kemp spotted Bob the alien still on Planet Underpants so we all got out of our rockets and went to say hello and let him know we had arrived to help! Then we saw three flashing lights and Bob’s wife told us to hurry to watch the news report alert on her TV. It was the Avengers helping on Earth! It was like we all had a light bulb moment- as we all turned round to each other and said what about if the Superheroes help us make Supertato good again! So we wrote to lots of different superheroes including Iron Man, She-Hulk, Black Widow and Thor asking for their help.


It wasn’t long till the superheroes arrived at our school and helped us make transporting traps to catch Supertato. We then travelled back to space with the superheroes and got ready to catch Supertato in our transporting traps when he arrived on Planet Underpants.




Working as a team with the aliens and superheroes we caught Supertato and the superheroes transported him to Superhero camp, where all the superheroes worked together to teach Supertato right from wrong to make him a hero again! We visited Supertato at superhero camp and had lots of fun meeting all the superheroes and participating in superhero training!





All the superheroes enjoyed having a relaxing read with their parents at superhero camp!




Supertato apologised to all the aliens and he and the superheroes were working on a plan to catch Evil Pea and turn him into hero, so he wouldn’t be able to make Supertato a villain again!