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Down on the Farm Adventure Story

Down On the Farm


Once upon a time there lived a Duck who owned a farm in Middleton, Leeds. His name was Farmer Duck and he had many farm animal friends on his farm who helped to do lots of jobs. But Farmer Duck was very sad because his farm land was flooded and the animals where struggling to do the jobs and live there. No one visited the farm as it was too wet and muddy, some people even got stuck in the mud and the firemen had to pull them out. One day a caterpillar named Colin, who lives on Farmer Ducks farm said, “I’ve had enough, I can’t get into my cocoon to turn into a beautiful butterfly because it’s too cold and wet everywhere, you need to do something now Farmer Duck.” Red hen also cried, “My feet and legs are really hurting, they keep getting stuck in the mud and I won’t let my chicks out of their nest as I’m worried I will lose them, they are so small,” cried Red hen.

“Our once glorious pond is now ruined and filled with mud and we have no water to swim in,” quaked and ribbited the duck and frogs.


Farmer Duck thought for a while and remembered that down the road, around the roundabout there was some fresh, green land, with no one living or using it. He called the estate agents and exchanged his land for the new patch. The farm animals rejoiced and quickly started packing to move to their new farm. A few days arrived and the animals marched down the road one by one to the farm, when they arrived Farmer Duck looked at his drawn map and told each animal where their new home would be. In excitement to open the farm to the public, they hurriedly got to work re-building their pens. Once every animal had settled in, Farmer Duck called for a meeting where they discussed and decided on a name for their new farm. That week posters where placed around the local town announcing the opening of Rainbow Farm.


Unfortunately, days had passed and no one had visited Farmer Ducks new farm, the animals wondered if the posters had blown away in the wind or if people worried that it would be muddy like the old farm so didn’t want to visit. Farmer Duck thought for a while, he wondered that if he had something extra exciting to come to the farm for, would people turn up? He thought about what the farm didn’t have and decided that it needed a restaurant but didn’t know what to sell in the restaurant, he questioned what food is liked the most. He asked all the animals on the farm what food they would most enjoy eating and recorded their answers in a pictogram. It was finally decided that the farm would open a bread and pizza restaurant, Little Red Hen also reassured everyone that she was the very best dough maker for the job. The animals got busy building the restaurant and gathering all the ingredients, they decided they needed flour, yeast, eggs and the secret ingredient (milk).


The following day the animals went to collect all their ingredients, they gathered a range of eggs from the hens and when they arrived at the cow shed they were in shock to find he was missing, someone had taken the Prize Cow. They studied the crime scene to find clues of who had taken him. They came to the conclusion that it could have been the two robbers, Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh due to the footprints and wallet found.


Farmer Duck called the Police, who quickly got in their panda car to visit Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh. When the policemen arrived at Len and Hugh’s farm, they found the prized cow having a bath. Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh explained they only wanted to borrow the cow to make their own cheese. The policemen explained to them that they do not take what doesn’t belong to them but ask nicely.

The policemen took the prized cow back to a very pleased Rainbow Farm and they all got busy milking the prized cow to put the special ingredient into their dough mixture. That week, Farmer Duck and all the animals went to the town to tell everyone that a pizza and bread restaurant was opening inside the farm gates.


The following day Farmer Duck woke up to open the farm gates and was utterly surprised to see a crowd of visitors, he excitedly opened the gates and allowed everyone to come in. All the visitors enjoyed their delicious pizza and bread with garlic butter. Rainbow Farm was full with visitors from that day on!


The End.