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Finding Finn! Adventure Six

We are taking a trip down into the sea in this adventure. Our friend, Finn the rainbow fish, has gone missing and it's our job to find him! 

Under the Sea Lyrics

Our class song.

We had lots of fun with the Leeds recycling team. We learnt about what bin to put our rubbish in and why it is so important to not litter!
We wanted to make straws which weren't made out of plastic to help the animals. We tested lots of different materials and decided paper was the best!
We then made our straws out of paper and drew fun under the sea designs on them so people would buy them.
We didn't want to be stung by a jellyfish so we learnt a magical dance so that we would be protected. 
We had our very own debate. Some of the class were for keeping plastic and the other half were against! I didn't know I had so many superstars in my class when it came to debating. Listen for yourselves...
We learnt about turtles and their habitats. We then wrote about how they are suited for their surroundings  and wondered if we could keep one as a school pet!
We looked at under the sea animals and thought about their habitats. We learnt about how they can hide in coral and what they like to snack on. We then designed our own under the sea pictures. 
Look at our diary entries. We wrote about what happened on our trip to see Timmy the turtle.

Under The Sea | Marine and Sea Animals Song for Kids | ESL for Kids | Fun Kids English

We have loved singing this fun song about animals under the sea.

Look at our amazing rainbow fish. We used paint to decorate them.
We wrote a letter to Mcdonalds thanking them for using paper straws and for helping the environement.
We looked at rock pools and what animals live in them. We had lots of fun creating our own!
We found out that the fisherman Jamie had accidentally scooped poor Finn up in his big net! We wrote a wanted poster for him so people could help us to find him.
We looked at why it is so important to reuse old items to make something else. We thought about what we could do with all of the rubbish in our classroom. We decided to make a fun Finn picture!
We wrote a letter to our old friend Pippa, telling her about our adventure so far and who we needed to find.
We had so much fun at The Deep this week. We saw lots of amazing animals such as fish, star fish, penguins and even eels! We loved the workshop where we found out about different animals habitats.
We went to Cockburn High School to watch the Sound Of Music, performed by the year fives and sixes. We thought they all did an amazing job!
We wanted to create our own under the sea creatures to play with Finn. We worked really hard with our cutting out skills and then used split pins to put our creatures together. Look how fantastic they turned out!
We had lots of fun showing off our books with Oak class. We can't believe how amazing all of their work is!
A big thank-you to all of the friends and family who came in to see their children's work today. We had lots of fun playing all of the fishy games and loved making the bracelets for you!