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Down on the farm adventure

We were very excited to come back to school and have a visit from Farmer Duck, although he wasn’t very happy. He told us all about his farm and how he had a huge problem! It had been raining for a very long time and the farm was flooded! The chickens were getting stuck in the mud, the hungry caterpillar Colin couldn’t make his cocoon to turn into a butterfly and the ducks had a pond full of mud to swim in, which was ruining their feathers.


The animals told us all about their problems and how they weren’t happy to be living on the farm. Farmer Duck told us that visitors were not coming to the farm because of how muddy it was. We tried making Farmer Duck feel better by helping him do his jobs on the farm!



Farmer Duck came and visited us a week later and was very happy and excited. He told us all about this new land he had found round the corner to his farm, which was nice, fresh and most importantly not flooded. He was so excited he phoned the estate agents straight away and asked to have the new land. The estate agents agreed but only if Farmer Duck could get over a hundred visitors to his new farm in less than four weeks. Farmer Duck took us to look around his new farm and we discussed and labelled up where all the farm animals could go.


When we got home, we drew a map to give Farmer Duck so we wouldn’t forget where the animals would go on the new farm.


After a few days, Farmer Duck came back to tell us it was moving day and he desperately needed our help. Working together we got all the animals in cages, moving trucks and all their food and equipment packed away. When we got to the new farm, Farmer Duck used the map we drew to remind us where to put each animal. We got to work quickly to build each animals enclosure, give them their food and place them all in the correct pens.



Once all the animals where safety in their enclosures and happy with their new farm, Farmer Duck thanked us all and asked if we could help him think of a name for the farm. After many discussions we decided to call the new farm- Rainbow Farm.

With the new farm all made and the animals happy in their new living conditions, Farmer Duck announced the opening of Rainbow Farm. We enjoyed looking around at the lovely new farm and holding the new born chicks.



Farmer Duck came to tell us that not many people had been visiting Rainbow Farm and he was worried he may lose the land! We thought for a while of why this may be and what we could do on Rainbow farm to get more visitors! We decided to open a restaurant on the farm but needed to know what everyone’s favourite food was so we knew what to sell. So we asked every visitor at the farm, what their favourite food was and recorded their answers in a pictogram. We went to tell Farmer Duck that bread and pizza was the favourite. Farmer Duck then announced to us all and all the farm animals that the only way to get visitors would be to open a pizza restaurant- called Pizza Land! However he had a problem, he didn’t know how to make pizza. Luckily, Little Red Hen did and she offered to help but only if we could collect her special ingredient…milk. Farmer Duck had a great idea! His famous, prize cow produced the finest milk. All she would need is a few days rest and she would be ready to supply Little Red Hen with her special ingredient.


Monday soon arrived and Farmer Duck went to wake the prize cow so he could milk her, as Little Red Hen needed her special ingredient to start making the dough for the restaurant. However when Farmer Duck went towards the cow shed he was shocked to find her missing! The police soon came and tapped the area of as a crime scene. Crime investigators turned up to find, record and take evidence! The crime investigators recorded what clues they found and placed them on the evidence wall to try piece together who took the prize cow.


A few days past and PC Plod turned up at the farm. He told us all that the prize cow had been found at Lanky Lens and Hefty Hugh’s house. They only wanted to borrow the prize cow but were too scared to ask! PC Plod told them that it’s always better to ask than take! PC Plod took us outside to see the prize cow and straight away we got busy milking her. Farmer Duck was so happy to see the prize cow safe and sound, however he told us that he was also worried as the restaurant was supposed to be opening today and Little Red Hen hadn’t made any dough yet! We offered to help and quickly got busy milking the prize cow, cutting the corn and grinding the corn, so it was all ready to make. We then helped mix the ingredients and knead the dough to make pizzas and dough balls to serve at the restaurant.



Ready with our chef hats on to make and serve the pizzas


By 3 o’clock the restaurant was full of visitors wanting to try the delicious bread and pizzas (made from Little Red Hens secret recipe) and from that day on Rainbow farm was full with visitors each and every day! Farmer Duck was a very happy farmer!